Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #5 -Digitizing-

As soon as you have come to the stage of putting I the 2nd or 3rd drawings like explained in point 3,4 and 5 in  how to #2 and how to #3
It is time to scan these into a computer by using either an A3 scanner or take a picture with a good camera and be sure to have light from all angles.
As soon as it's transferred into the PC, it is time to clean up the page, from the scan there could be some dust on the art as well if you have some lines your still not satisfied with here is the chance to repair that. Myself, I use a Wacom drawing tablet to erase and also make some more lines or to move certain objects if needed.

After you have scaled it to a proper size for internet or printing, I personally had to adjust the black and white levels of the art, maybe the scanner isn't good enough! Anyways you can sharpen it or add an art filter as well. If you want to go even deeper and have the time or resources to color everything, I guess that would be lovely. (for my sake, it is about the time I can spend holding that back from me.)

You already know where to place the bubbles for the text boxes, and the text itself from the manuscript you made! It could be smart to fill in the textboxes with white background color to make everything more clean and clear.

If you finished all the steps then it's just to publish it somewhere, consider yourself done for the day :)

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