Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #2 -Getting Started-

This time I'm going to go through the first pointers of how to basically get started with the Manga, and how you need to be able to plan out. Depending on how big you're thinking the more planning there will be to it. Now, let's have a look at the points!

1. BRAINSTORM: First, think about a scenario, it can be basic like it's the future, then you have a free mind to think how things can turn out to be in that future, it can be a fantasy story or based in your hometown. Either it's a female or a male character, nor is it an animal or a robot? Get this thing linked up together by a chain of events and you'll find yourself starting the next point already bringing a story and events to life!

2.STORY AND SCRIPTING: This is basically where it all starts, use a pen and paper or do it on a computer it doesn't matter, first you have to make a draft for how thing go along. It's like writing novels in school, maybe that was boring, but this is something that you want and you can do it just the way you like it. But as soon as you have a segment of a story written from top to bottom you can go over it and start making it into a proper script.
A script has certain points of how it's written, but if you're not sure, then do it the way that feels you right. As long as you can read and use it to create the Manga with it, it's good, a smart thing is to separate the lines between talking and storytelling. It's not the script they'll end up reading it's your Manga. Again for the story, it's up to you how deep you would like it to be and so on based on your ideas, it's for you to decide to set prior the pointers of your story, the length of it as all up to you.

3. CONCEPT ART: Alongside the story/ script development, start drawing as soon as you story turns to pictures in your head and you start seeing scenes and places how the story takes place, start doing concepts. A big part of concepts is also bringing the character(s) to life. You'll need all the concepts you can do for all single things if you going to make this work nicely in the Manga. As for character design, you need to design them from at least two angles the front and back to and use that as a reference as you draw the Manga. You think you'll remember all the designs for the characters and buildings and items, but sooner or later you'll forget a detail somewhere as you progress, and you'll hate yourself for finding that mistake in you final manga later! Bottom line, concept arts are great for development and references as you proceed with your work, it's basically as a blueprint for builders.

4.FIRST MANGA DRAFT: Early sketching of the layout for how the manga is shown. Basically how you're seeing the frame by frame, as for instance if a character is to jump from one roof to the other how you'll see the angles and the detailed footwork as he jumps off. Draw them down as rough sketches in a storyboard based style, draw down small pictures of the manga page by page also incuding frames. Putting camera angles and emotions into the art makes things come more to life without being needed to explain too much throughout speach bubbles. (If you have quite solid ideas for what the final work should be like then you can combine this into the next point and do them both as one.)

Rest of the points come in the next lesson #3, see you soon!

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