Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #1 -Basic Info-

Hi there reader! This is the first of many planned "how to make and create manga" posts that I'll post a lot of this month.
In "make and create your manga #1"  I'll just go through the basics of what tools you'll need to get to get started. What you need you most likely to have already if you consider yourself a drawing artist!

If not, here is the shopping list:
-A3 paper smooth finish
-A3 paper for sketch art/drafting.
-A comfortable pencil or your favorite one, (I use a basic pilot mechanical pencil.)
-Eraser that doesn't leave too much mark, not too soft either hard one!
-A light table, you'll be able to find them easily on They are quite slim and just run their power through USB, they come in different sizes! I just use an A4 one on A3 paper, I think that works just fine.
-Have a laptop nearby, google for inspirations, listen to music, or check out! Oh, you're here already :P  Use it to power your light table, you need a light table to transfer your sketch art to the proper paper.
A scanner for A3 or a camera with goo lighting angles.

..and of course, the will to work hard and spend many more hours than intended to make a satisfying manga!

How to make and create your Manga #2 -The Steps- will come very soon!!
Hope you will like the Make and Create Manga series this month!


*Disclaimer. This has not directly anything to do with WL series, but I will use some my works to demonstrate and use as samples. This is my own tutorial, this is how I like to work and proceed with a project. The art style you prefer is the style you like!

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