Sunday, April 21, 2019

More FREE Manga Books - Warrior Legend Chapter IV

Hi, Warriors!

I'm excited to see you here again, and today is a big Freebie day for you! Here we go!

This is the first time I'm officially giving away for FREE. WL IV had its release recently in December 2018, so it's quite fresh, enjoy:
Warrior Legend Chapter IV for FREE

Make sure your ad it into your WL collection on your Kindle device or App. This works just like the previous freebies we had the last couple of weeks, you got 5 days, that is your chance to get it and you'll have access to it for a lifetime!

About WL 4:
WL IV takes place right after the events of WL III and puts a shell on what recently happened until hell breaks loose again, quite intriguing. The manga har been retouched with a more authentic manga fashion. hope you like this and that the storyline starts to add up for you.
Warrior Legend Chapter IV for FREE

Next up is WL 2.
I'm sorry this one came so off, I wanted to release the books for FREE in order, but in terms of Amazon giveaway scheduler that wasn't possible. Either the way stay tuned for that as well, that will be the next one before we reveal the final one for you.

What after, more WL?
The final book might be somewhat less exciting for you or maybe not? I'm giving away the book on how to self publish and create your manga in just 10 steps. You might have seen it in the listing or read the review about it already. Sharing my own experiences over the years on how I created my books, you can read my review here.

Two more to go!
-Rising T.E.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Manga FREE Book Giveaway WL III & I

Good day Warriors,

I hope you here today because I got an offer for you! From today you got 5 days to download these books for FREE!

I really hope you managed to get the Character Profiles to book for FREE a well if you did miss it please send me a message on Facebook and I'll personally send you a copy. If you have any question about Warrior Legend I'll be happy to answer them for you!

This time we got the following for FREE:

FREE -Warrior Legend III 

FREE - Warrior Legend I

Warrior Legend III is probably the most epic in the series so far but WL I also has its charm being the first and build up some great suspension till the end, as you learn more about who the characters are + some awesome fighting scenes with werebears!

We have even more coming up for you next week, again :

-WL IV (this is the latest released chapter in the series with a more modern look)
-WL II  (here you'll learn more about the surroundings of why thing are like they are)
-Final Book (You can find it in my book listing (I'll tell you next time!)

Be sure to subscribe in the right column, or go to and follow for the next Freebie, and see you around next week for more goodies!

Read manga, Stick around, Warrior Legend loves you!
-Rising T.E.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Personal review of: 10 Simple Steps to Manga and Comics - From Idea and Creation to Self Publicity

Hi readers, creators and of course Warriors!

My personal review of my own publication:

10 Simple Steps to Manga and Comics - From Idea and Creation to Self Publicity - Learning book

This post is dedicated to my little new approach, it's been nearly 5 years into the making of the Warrior Legend Manga and as a sole provider for the series development and I have come to a point where I also want to share my experience throughout this book I have been working on lately.
I want to review my own book in order for me to explain more about it.

-See book here-

The book has recently just been released and I haven't been too good at telling anyone about it yet because I was not sure about how it was going to work out first of all and it's been taking me some time to put together as well. But here we go!

So the book does not cover how it was for me to create the manga series WL, it not a journal like that, but as the title state, it is a 10 step guide for someone who wants to publish and create their own manga/comic or graphic novel. The book simply takes you through the whole process with everything from the tools you need to the knowledge you'll learn to develop and how you progress from there. It explains a little about the biggest challenges and how you can move past those. So if you're stuck with ideas for your story or character, for instance, this will be the book that gives you that helping hand in knowledge and ideas in order to move forward with your project.

Since I'm the writer of this book it is a little weird to say that this is one of the best books out there when it comes to creating your own manga. I hope it is one of the better ones cause I couldn't find this type of guide book, that focuses more on the development in steps. I have come to a cross some with the intention of talking about these matters, but mostly they focus more on how you should hold your pencils and how you actually draw the character. which is good but this one is more a creators guide. If you think it has a potential let me hear about it. The best reviews come from the customer and not the author.

To keep the title simple it is a fairly short book with text-based material and pictures/illustrations from my own works on how to move forward, the book is about 40 pages. It covers the biggest and most important fields on the process and that's why its called 10 simple steps and not advanced or hard steps.

Creating manga is hard it takes a lot for you even though you are passioned about it, it will consume time and energy considering doing it all by yourself. When you finally have made it, a new challenge comes ahead, you'll need to publish it! The book got some great pointer on to where you should start you to seek the attention you want both online and offline.

Even better, if you, yourself are a creator let me know you read this and contact me through Facebook for a special deal!
Even so, I highly appreciate if you get it through Amazon, perhaps you happened to have a friend or know someone that is working on such a project that can benefit from it.

10 Simple Steps to Manga and Comics - From Idea and Creation to Self Publicity is a book written by a manga artist, and it comes with knowledge, practice and great pointer and tips for your manga to become something more than just a hobby.

Step One: Tools

Step Two: Concept for Story

Step Three: Main Story and Character Profiles

Step Four: Character and Designs

Step Five: Technique/Style

Step Six: From Storyboard to Draft 

Step Seven: Clean-up/Finalizing Process 

Step Eight: Digitizing

Step Nine: Speech Bubbles

Step Ten: Self-Publishing

Don't wait, get the book today, join the venture of creating manga books of the future!
Get it today: 10 Simple Steps to Manga and Comics - From Idea and Creation to Self Publicity

Personal book review by
-Rising  T.E.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Free Run - All Manga Books in Easter and the Weeks to come

Hey readers, Warriors!

I want to do a GREAT giveaway for you!
I'll give away all for my books on Amazon for FREE in Easter and the rest of April! This will be to you only for a limited time for you to take advantage off.
Meaning that all of Warrior Legend manga books will be downloadable for FREE at different dates during April, so look out!!

I'm starting off with Warrior Legend Character Profiles so you can get into learning the characters or have it ready for the next week freebie to come! If you haven't got this yet one do yourself a favor and don't miss out on this extravaganza of Warrior Legend Mangas!

Start right here today: FREE - Warrior Legend: Character Profiles vol 1

There is more, yes but how will you get them all, you ask?
To get the rest of the books to be sure to just check by the blog weekly or if you're as busy as I am you should subscribe to this page on the right top tab next to this post-----> smart!

The books that are for the giveaway are the following:
(sorry for the unchronicled order due to Amazon giveaway dates)

-Secret! TBA

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Happy Easter, see you again soon,
Rising T.E.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Slow times for news, but a lot of action

Hi Warriors I just want to update you all, I sorry to not have done so much lately, at times life has it turns of things happening. 

Even so, I have spent most of my time on more personal developments in many aspects, I have as well written a book on how to "create your own manga" Be sure to look it up on Amazon and see if you can find it!

The book gives you the full step by step to achieve your own dreams in terms of manga production like WL, where I share with you the process of how to self-publish.
I'll go more deeply with the book at some point next month. See you soon!

Keep pushing, keep growing.