Monday, October 24, 2016

Return Friday 28th!

This Friday, the story continues, Warrior Legend returns with Chapter IV (Part 1 of 3). Don't miss out, enter again in your browser on the 28th of October!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Manga Dairy #2

I felt it was time to write a small dairy again about my work. so here we go!

2 years has gone since I actually started with pen and paper drawing the first lines of the actual manga, after a few months hard work Chapter 1 came out December 2014, but in order to make it I had to really work hard, it became too much for me I remember I was feeling nausea of work, and not only was it X-mas season at my job at the time too, but I wasn't going to give up that easily the release was 2014!

Now I'm currently working on Chapter IV, the release for Part 1 is set for 28.10.16, so don't miss that!
Since I'm giving the manga a little simpler detail like I have mentioned before I hope you still look forward to it, and I'll also be sticking to the original Right to Left reading as well the art style will stay as true to the original as possible. To jump back a little in time I took some time off from the drawing in March after the release of Chapter III (which I, by the way, was so looking so forward to make at the time, I really like this Warrior character on the final part, but he was a challenge as well to draw.) Later on, in May-July, I was doing the Re:WL series but that was work that I did in a steady tempo without any stress or pressure from myself it was kinda a break for me from the drawing itself and also a break to get a fresh start before started working on Chapter IV in September.

Making 100's of artworks in 2 years earlier sure took a lot of time plus the work put into all the planning as well as sketching and adding the final work to the computer, after that the fixing and texting part. I'm glad to see that my art style also made some progress through the series, that being said it also improves my speed for drawing the manga, now all is more into a routine which makes things a little more comfortable to work with, but I always had fun from the beginning, thanks for reading through :)

For a little heads up:
Chapter IV consist of 3 parts, they will all release this year I can say for sure. Chapter V is little far off now but will see release 1Q of 2017!


Manga Diary #1 WL

 *Again this topic moved its way to the top, originally posted late summer 2015

Just recently I finally managed to release the last part of chapter II. I want to say thank you to those who had read my manga and for those who are planing too!  Its been a long ride working on
Chapter II due to my primary job.
After the release of the first Chapter, I really had to take some time off I was exhausted, I was working so hard in December last year to be able to finish it, some days I was working from 11:00-01:00 straight. I did eat of course, but my body started to hurt over time! (yeah I wonder why, hehe.)
Anyway the work on Chp. II started then in February and came to and end now in July, that's close to a half year, which I felt took little too long, but I didn't stress as much as before, so that was good, but there was things that I had to do beside and that took some of my time, but i came out in the end!
Now I have a little summer time, but I'm resuming my mission to start my work on Chp. III soon, yeah!
It's really hard to say when it will release now, but I can say its coming this year, and I will be posting about it as soon as the development of Chp. III goes on. 
The release plan for Chp. III will be part by part weekly. Then you don't have to wait 2-3 months between every part (like chapter II) cause that will make you lose the focus on the storyline as it goes on.

If there is anything you want me to know from you, leave a comment, that would be great!


Saturday, October 1, 2016

New manga release 28 October. Chapter IV

Hi, I guess you been waiting a while, finally Warrior Legend Chapter IV will release in the end of this month. Hope you are excited to see where the storyline goes from here and how things will turn out. I'll still be using the Japanese reading technique Right to Left.

Warrior Legend Chapter IV
Part 1 - Hard approach
Release - 28.10.16

"Fist page of chapter 4, still a work in progress."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Read from Right to Left!

I'm not going to go into the comic reading order after all. I'm going to keep the Japanese reading form Right to Left system into the next chapters as well. like I did in chapter 1-3.

I did say in my last post that I was going to change that but I have decided I want to keep it in the Japanese fashion, also regarding some feedback's, thanks.

I will be back with more info before the month ends, with some updates om release and manga work.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chapter IV progress, and Manga going Comic style!!

Hi again readers, it's good to be more back then I have the last half year now. Like I talked about before I really needed a break from all the work and it took some time to get back to myself. Anyways you here for the manga not me so info!
Chapter IV is at early stages yet, still making the script into drafts and sketches and some art has been finalised, I'm still not sure when I want to set the release date for this, I think by the next time I talk about Chapter IV I will have the release day ready for you.

As you may know, WL has been made like the Japanese style called Manga, for example, big eyes, spiky hair and reading backward is almost a must. But for us western people it's a little hard for your brain to adapt reading like that every time, so since my "Manga" or Comic if you would like to call it is made to be read backwards some might find it confusing, which is kind of sad, but it was a small feeling I had to start with. If I want people to read this manga I think I'll have to make it "normal" in terms of reading from left to right.

Here is also a little taste of what the manga will look like in the chapters to come, the art style is slightly changed, less shadowing and less uber detail work, plus backgrounds are toned down!
Here is a sketch showed next to a final result.

Friday, August 26, 2016

10,000 visitors!

That's a big number!
Thanks for dropping by from time to time. The blog has lived for 2,5 years. And it hard to keep the updates coming all the time, due to how much time I spend working on stuff. But it comes to a day where I finally can put it out one day.
If there is anything you should just let me know about, don't be afraid to comment or leave a feedback at any of the post, you don't have to log in or be anonymous! have a great evening night or day!