Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Summer update and t-shirt!

Hi Warrior, hope can enjoy some of the warm summer in your place.  Here in Oslo, Norway we have like 32ÂșC these days, its crazy hot, but kind of nice since we have such long winters and usually bad summer with little sunshine!

Anyways, I have been working on my stuff, as usual, so I have some updates for you Warriors, I hate to keep you waiting!

-The WL t-shirt project is still undergoing development, working on some designs as well as getting things right with a t-shirt store online for you to order worldwide!

-Next blog post I will have the release date for the t-shirts, they are coming out one by one starting this month!

-And finally, soon to come, a manga summer sale on Amazon, keep your smartphones and Kindles ready!

Enjoy the summer
-Rising T.E.

Here is a closer idea of what one of them will look like, give me feedback below :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Upcoming T-shirt project!

Hi Warrior, how are you doing!
It' has been a little slow here on the website updates since all the releases and happenings. Hope you are enjoying the content that is available already from Warrior Legend?

So today I want to announce that I haven't been taking it too easy recently, but been working on developing a few t-shirts that I have planned to officially release as soon as July!

Hope this can be interesting for you as it is for me, the designs are based on the manga but will have a slight twist to them to make them a little more fashionable than just the regular manga /anime fan t-shirt. Hope you're looking forward to seeing the result!

I'll keep you Warriors posted as soon as I have a release date for my new collection, and share more info regarding this as we close in.

Idea, Action, Work, Result!!

Here is an illustration for you!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Warrior Legend Manga Diary #4

Hi Warriors!

Today I'm back with my diary, it has been 3 quite hectic months for me lately, I have been able to achieve goals with my manga as well as personal goals.

As you all know my Manga is available through Amazon for the for a relatively good price, hope some of you had a chance to get a copy. Back in late April in the middle of everything I was suddenly offered to have a comic stand for my Manga at a gameconvention! I wasn't sure at first, but then I decide I need to have to something more physical to show off and not just my blog and Amazon Kindle manga was going to do it! I was already having plenty to do due to releases of chapter 1-3 over the summer planned by July. But at the same time I couldn't let the opportunity slip away!

So I decided to sleep a little less and work some more. After releasing Warrior Legend Chapter 1 and WL: Character Profiles in March, I was working on WL 2 in April at the time and wanted to make WL 3 ready in May for the Con. Of course all the mangas was created already, but the preparation as designs color front pages and other content for all the E book still tok a lot of time put together.

For the convention in May I created flyers, then a 2m tall roll up, A1 posters and a special convention manga, a mangabook containing both WL 1 and the WL: Character Profiles! With the plan for selling my manga and show off what I made over the last few years. For the first time doing this I got a lot of attention for a gameconvetion, where the interest for games are much bigger than manga/comics. Still I did manage to sell 15 books, not too bad! This a a new beginning.
I'll countinue on the road to make this happen for real. At least now I can now call myself a professional Manga artist:)

Right now I'm heading over to Stockholm for more personal reasons, and it's good to take a weekend off even though I'm writing this om my way there!
Thank you for reading all the way through, you are a true fan, Warrior!

See you around for more soon!
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Warrior Legend Chapter III preview

Hi Warriors!

Been a week already since the convention and a week since the release of chapter 3, hope you are all doing great? Today I'm going to give a small preview of what the first pages in WL3 look like. To support my ongoing manga project please go to this link and get a copy!
Keep it coming!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Thank you!

Hi Warriors!
I'm guessing a lot of you regulars here weren't at the Retrospillmessen in Norway last weekend but for those who weren't I want to say it was a great experience for me, it was the first time I had my manga out for display I a physical version. The manga was a combo of chapter I and Character profiles book from Amazon
For those who had the possibility to come and discover me and the manga last weekend, thank you for supporting my manga, after years of hard work things starts to happen.
Hopefully, I can have more action in the future, see you around.
Under you can see a video from my stand!

I'm now a professional manga artist!

                                                    (Watch the video in full screen!)