Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Warrior Legend 5th Anniversary

It's come to a time to celebrate 5 years since the work for Warrior Legend first started to take place.
If I remember correctly it was around mid spring/summer of 2012 that me and my friend started working on the story for real. But for the manga I didn't start before late 2014.

 (Click the picture to enlarge, Ozias the main protagonist from left to right with Enoch.
Artwork is made with pencil and Copic marker only.)

I made this artwork of Ozias and Enoch to remind and show how strong friendships could be, and showing that they also have a great time together just like we had planing this.
I hope the manga will catch up for more reader one day, again, thanks for checking this out!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #5 -Digitizing-

As soon as you have come to the stage of putting I the 2nd or 3rd drawings like explained in point 3,4 and 5 in  how to #2 and how to #3
It is time to scan these into a computer by using either an A3 scanner or take a picture with a good camera and be sure to have light from all angles.
As soon as it's transferred into the PC, it is time to clean up the page, from the scan there could be some dust on the art as well if you have some lines your still not satisfied with here is the chance to repair that. Myself, I use a Wacom drawing tablet to erase and also make some more lines or to move certain objects if needed.

After you have scaled it to a proper size for internet or printing, I personally had to adjust the black and white levels of the art, maybe the scanner isn't good enough! Anyways you can sharpen it or add an art filter as well. If you want to go even deeper and have the time or resources to color everything, I guess that would be lovely. (for my sake, it is about the time I can spend holding that back from me.)

You already know where to place the bubbles for the text boxes, and the text itself from the manuscript you made! It could be smart to fill in the textboxes with white background color to make everything more clean and clear.

If you finished all the steps then it's just to publish it somewhere, consider yourself done for the day :)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #4 -Develop the Story-

How to get into story development, where to start the idea!

At some point where ever you are stuck, you just have to start somewhere putting something together. A good idea might just become a bad idea and the other way around.

When it comes to school mostly all of us have gone to them and at some point, we also learned how to write and spell things. By that, we were also forced to be imaginative to come up with short stories to write or short novels. So we all know at some point we can all come up with a story but it might not be just the way you want it to be, you want it to be something similar to something your already a fan of but you don't want to copy it either, maybe you just want to use that theme and make your own thing out of it, it's not like you can invent the wheel of storytelling again. There is always string for people to pull to see similarities from other stories books and movies. If there is a person reading your story for the first he will be quite impressed how creative you have been in your own way, and if this person later comes across a story with the similar theme it will not be like he thought you copied anything. What I'm saying is learn from others and the best, but do it your way, don't copy people's work, try to find the way they think when they created their stories.

To point out, some of us is just more creative than others, but it doesn't mean that you can't be either. you jus have to keep your mind busy and play around with ideas on your spare time. Feeling lost in writing and you haven't totally got that "aha" feeling yet, doesn't mean it won't work, put some more effort into the story, either you put the story aside and start over again just like a bad artwork you just started drawing, if your not satisfied you start over again. At some point maybe you can take part from the fist script and implement it with the new one. It does not have to be a Hollywood at first glimpse, scripts it can just be simple like;  "A brief afternoon a guy walks down the stairs outside a building, when he gets out on the street the guy he was looking for  is standing there, holds a weird object in his hand, suddenly he is gone out of nowhere for moment and show up on the other side of the street."
Well, that was just some random stuff even it good or bad I doest matter what matters. Or if you just got an idea on your own from that idea use it! That it's an idea and one idea can lead to another, it may lead to so many ideas that you end up with changing out.
Questions are that you can ask yourself while writing, because you need to develop the character as well as the story progresses: Whom was this guy or the guy from the staircase it could be anyone from Batman to an old guy just going to get his mail, what about the thing he was holding was it a machine or was it an alien thing? What made him move like this, magic? Why did he avoid the other guy, who's the main character here or is this just an event to trigger of the main story! A simple plot, you pull the rest of the strings and put it all together like a puzzle, it can take from one week to a year to make a story good, even longer from my experience!

Inputs, read comics, manga, movies, play games, read books do roleplaying games, whatever your experience are you can create a story. It can also be based on real life events or your own experiences as well or create the story with a good friend like I did for Warrior Legend that was a lot of fun. There are so many ways to go, don't just think too much how just start and you'll get on the right path.
Even though I made the story for a manga, it could just be a game or a movie or the manga, the story works either the way, it's just the way you script it afterward when finishing it that shows what kind script it is for, but a story is a story either the way, and it can only be changed by its authors!

If you have any question just feel free to ask me anything!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #3 -To Finalize-

This one continues directly from the last entry #2 -Getting Started-

5.IMPROVE DRAFT: Here you take the images and redraw them with a slight better line and also upgrade the paper to A3 in case you were using a smaller paper before. Here is also the point where you want to lay out the proper layout for the manga, how the frames should be set up and so on, this is your final concept before you start doing the final drawing.(like mentioned before, depending on how much time you like to spend on making things good or if you do it all in one two times of drawing, you can do a combination of point 4 and 5.) Be sure to think about how much space the text bubbles take up in each frame together with the artwork. (By using A3 for the manga, you should think about having a little border space on all 4 sides, like a 3 cm frame, unless you want the drawing to go all the way out of the paper. The 3cm border would help you when you scale down the manga one for printing then the border you have will decrease together with the size. so if you had a 1cm frame on A3 then it would look bad on the downscale manga pocket size version!

6.THE MANGA: You made it this far! Here will be the perfect time to use the light table for work, the improved drafts, use the light table to draw clean new lines from you previous art to create the perfect art and lines, this time you won't get any eraser marks. Basically, it is the third time you're drawing the same art, but it's looking better than ever. From rough art to sketched manga to the final outlining, if you wish to proceed to use a pen/marker type that can work as well.
Proceed through all the pages remember to mark them with title and page number somewhere out in the corners. (The next step here is to put even more into it, you can do step 7 together with this one if you like.)

7.FINAL TOUCH:  Now you have been working hard for a while and you have created the Manga, I'm sure it took more time than expected!? Either the way, now you go over all the arts you have all the outline work done if you like to add color or shading and shadowing this is the time.(This is something you can do while you doing step 6.) But I prefer to do this afterward because then the manga outlines are finished and it might be easier for the eye to go over to see what outline needs to be improved and putting in shades and colors comes more natural to you when it's something that's ready drawn. (This is something you also can do on you computer which I'll talk about in step 8!)

8.SCANNING, DIGITALIZING AND TEXT BOXES: First of all you need to have A3 scanner available somewhere, or you'll have to buy one, they do cost a little! If not you might have good lighting and a good camera with a steady stand. As long as you get a smooth and nice digitalizing of the art into your computer you can start fixing up the bad lines and also add shadow or color if you like digitally. For the computer work, you'll need to have proper picture/ design/drawing software to be able to edit the scanned artwork and being able to save it as a JPEG or a PDF. Preferred Photoshop or Paint shop Pro.

9. CONGRATULATION/ PROMOTION: You have now finished you Manga. Publish, promote it or do as you like, you did a wonderful job.(For my sake, my work is been out for free for about 2 years time. I still haven't got the attention I wished for totally, but I believe the manga or the comic you're making takes time and dedication to grow, just the time and dedication you spent making it.)
I will get more back to the promotion thing later on in one of my other upcoming  How to make and create you Manga!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #2 -Getting Started-

This time I'm going to go through the first pointers of how to basically get started with the Manga, and how you need to be able to plan out. Depending on how big you're thinking the more planning there will be to it. Now, let's have a look at the points!

1. BRAINSTORM: First, think about a scenario, it can be basic like it's the future, then you have a free mind to think how things can turn out to be in that future, it can be a fantasy story or based in your hometown. Either it's a female or a male character, nor is it an animal or a robot? Get this thing linked up together by a chain of events and you'll find yourself starting the next point already bringing a story and events to life!

2.STORY AND SCRIPTING: This is basically where it all starts, use a pen and paper or do it on a computer it doesn't matter, first you have to make a draft for how thing go along. It's like writing novels in school, maybe that was boring, but this is something that you want and you can do it just the way you like it. But as soon as you have a segment of a story written from top to bottom you can go over it and start making it into a proper script.
A script has certain points of how it's written, but if you're not sure, then do it the way that feels you right. As long as you can read and use it to create the Manga with it, it's good, a smart thing is to separate the lines between talking and storytelling. It's not the script they'll end up reading it's your Manga. Again for the story, it's up to you how deep you would like it to be and so on based on your ideas, it's for you to decide to set prior the pointers of your story, the length of it as all up to you.

3. CONCEPT ART: Alongside the story/ script development, start drawing as soon as you story turns to pictures in your head and you start seeing scenes and places how the story takes place, start doing concepts. A big part of concepts is also bringing the character(s) to life. You'll need all the concepts you can do for all single things if you going to make this work nicely in the Manga. As for character design, you need to design them from at least two angles the front and back to and use that as a reference as you draw the Manga. You think you'll remember all the designs for the characters and buildings and items, but sooner or later you'll forget a detail somewhere as you progress, and you'll hate yourself for finding that mistake in you final manga later! Bottom line, concept arts are great for development and references as you proceed with your work, it's basically as a blueprint for builders.

4.FIRST MANGA DRAFT: Early sketching of the layout for how the manga is shown. Basically how you're seeing the frame by frame, as for instance if a character is to jump from one roof to the other how you'll see the angles and the detailed footwork as he jumps off. Draw them down as rough sketches in a storyboard based style, draw down small pictures of the manga page by page also incuding frames. Putting camera angles and emotions into the art makes things come more to life without being needed to explain too much throughout speach bubbles. (If you have quite solid ideas for what the final work should be like then you can combine this into the next point and do them both as one.)

Rest of the points come in the next lesson #3, see you soon!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #1 -Basic Info-

Hi there reader! This is the first of many planned "how to make and create manga" posts that I'll post a lot of this month.
In "make and create your manga #1"  I'll just go through the basics of what tools you'll need to get to get started. What you need you most likely to have already if you consider yourself a drawing artist!

If not, here is the shopping list:
-A3 paper smooth finish
-A3 paper for sketch art/drafting.
-A comfortable pencil or your favorite one, (I use a basic pilot mechanical pencil.)
-Eraser that doesn't leave too much mark, not too soft either hard one!
-A light table, you'll be able to find them easily on They are quite slim and just run their power through USB, they come in different sizes! I just use an A4 one on A3 paper, I think that works just fine.
-Have a laptop nearby, google for inspirations, listen to music, or check out! Oh, you're here already :P  Use it to power your light table, you need a light table to transfer your sketch art to the proper paper.
A scanner for A3 or a camera with goo lighting angles.

..and of course, the will to work hard and spend many more hours than intended to make a satisfying manga!

How to make and create your Manga #2 -The Steps- will come very soon!!
Hope you will like the Make and Create Manga series this month!


*Disclaimer. This has not directly anything to do with WL series, but I will use some my works to demonstrate and use as samples. This is my own tutorial, this is how I like to work and proceed with a project. The art style you prefer is the style you like!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blogger Post nr 100 !

Hi readers, this is post nr 100!!

I'm in the stage after Chapter 4 to take some time off my hobbies, hope you liked Chapter 4?
Anyhow, I'm going to start some work on The WL book in March depending on how long time that will take!
So for those who wonder about Chapter 5, I have not really set any plan for when I'll be doing that, but hopefully sometime this year. More info about it as soon as I know where I'm heading.

Meanwhile working on the book there will be some series of how to draw manga, maybe it will help me to contribute for more followers on my blog!
For the book, I'm thinking about founding a kickstsarter or something similar, but I'll get more back on that as I process. Hope you're excited!