Warrior Legend Project:
Welcome to the Official site for Warrior Legend, in short, "WL". This is a manga/comic was only available this website*. The project started back in 2012 with a friend of mine as a script and designs for the cast, and in 2014 I took to the task and decided to create a manga from this. The manga was first released back in late 2014 with WL Chapter I til latest Chapter IV now in early 2017. The series is still ongoing and will be available through Amazon.com within summer 2018 for your Smartphone or Kindle device.
The manga has a Japanese way of reading it, you have to read the comic windows from Right to Left!

Where to get Warrior Legend Manga:If you are a regular visitor to my page I'm grateful you are back here Warrior. I have now made a desition that I will have to start selling my manga. I sell my work chapter by chapter throughout Amazon Kindle please find more about the one you'll like to read there. You can visit my manga thorugh this link:  Warrior Legend

Who is Rising:
Well, that's me my artist name/pen name, I'm a guy from Oslo, Norway with a full-time job, not with this, but I'll try to work with my dreams as much as I can here. I have always enjoyed working with art and design, music, film/animation and story writing. I have a dream to create something that can mean some to others as well to myself as the passion to create things that can entertain people is important.
I work constantly to improve myself and finding ways to take on new challenges. My inspirations to my work come from everywhere around me wherever I see something, but mainly Japanese games,  and movies, character designs, etc, has always had a big influence on me ever since was a child.

Rising Design Works:
This is the company. Rising Design Works, design, produce and publish it's work alone and has no partners at the moment. This is blog is owned by Rising Design Works and all it works is copyrighted to its owner as well as it works.

Social Media Channels: My work is spread out through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt and many other platforms, but only for advertising purposes only. This material is also under protection, if you would find yourself to share my work I would be glad, please do, but you can't claim it as your own. Please contact me if you have an inquiry

Others: If you have any wishes for something, you should not be afraid to leave a comment or contact me, a contact form can be found on the bottom right side of the site.

This manga/comic is made like the Japanese manga books, meaning you’ll have to read the frames from Right to Left! If you are new to this, then don’t worry, you will get the hang of it quite fast!

Thank you for taking your time blog, hope you will like Warrior Legend and stick around for more of the manga in the future ^ ^

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