Saturday, April 11, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Collection Fanbook 1994-2020

Hi, as the maker of Warrior Legend I always had a big thing for Final Fantasy VII (see an earlier post)The game is so great in many ways and is also been an inspiration for me to pursue my own stories like Warrior Legend and other things.

As for the remake and all the previous spin-off FFVII titles, I would like to share a book I have recently published, FFVII: Era Compendium.

EC takes you back to the beginning of the time of the FFVII production stage and gives you detailed info on the production and creation of the other games in the series up until the latest Remake, launched 10th April 2020. Covering over 15 various FFVII titles created between 1994-2020.

Please check out the FFVII book, I'm sure if you as a hardcore FFVII fan will dig this!

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