Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #3 -To Finalize-

This one continues directly from the last entry #2 -Getting Started-

5.IMPROVE DRAFT: Here you take the images and redraw them with a slight better line and also upgrade the paper to A3 in case you were using a smaller paper before. Here is also the point where you want to lay out the proper layout for the manga, how the frames should be set up and so on, this is your final concept before you start doing the final drawing.(like mentioned before, depending on how much time you like to spend on making things good or if you do it all in one two times of drawing, you can do a combination of point 4 and 5.) Be sure to think about how much space the text bubbles take up in each frame together with the artwork. (By using A3 for the manga, you should think about having a little border space on all 4 sides, like a 3 cm frame, unless you want the drawing to go all the way out of the paper. The 3cm border would help you when you scale down the manga one for printing then the border you have will decrease together with the size. so if you had a 1cm frame on A3 then it would look bad on the downscale manga pocket size version!

6.THE MANGA: You made it this far! Here will be the perfect time to use the light table for work, the improved drafts, use the light table to draw clean new lines from you previous art to create the perfect art and lines, this time you won't get any eraser marks. Basically, it is the third time you're drawing the same art, but it's looking better than ever. From rough art to sketched manga to the final outlining, if you wish to proceed to use a pen/marker type that can work as well.
Proceed through all the pages remember to mark them with title and page number somewhere out in the corners. (The next step here is to put even more into it, you can do step 7 together with this one if you like.)

7.FINAL TOUCH:  Now you have been working hard for a while and you have created the Manga, I'm sure it took more time than expected!? Either the way, now you go over all the arts you have all the outline work done if you like to add color or shading and shadowing this is the time.(This is something you can do while you doing step 6.) But I prefer to do this afterward because then the manga outlines are finished and it might be easier for the eye to go over to see what outline needs to be improved and putting in shades and colors comes more natural to you when it's something that's ready drawn. (This is something you also can do on you computer which I'll talk about in step 8!)

8.SCANNING, DIGITALIZING AND TEXT BOXES: First of all you need to have A3 scanner available somewhere, or you'll have to buy one, they do cost a little! If not you might have good lighting and a good camera with a steady stand. As long as you get a smooth and nice digitalizing of the art into your computer you can start fixing up the bad lines and also add shadow or color if you like digitally. For the computer work, you'll need to have proper picture/ design/drawing software to be able to edit the scanned artwork and being able to save it as a JPEG or a PDF. Preferred Photoshop or Paint shop Pro.

9. CONGRATULATION/ PROMOTION: You have now finished you Manga. Publish, promote it or do as you like, you did a wonderful job.(For my sake, my work is been out since late 2014. I still haven't got the attention I wished for totally, but I believe the manga or the comic you're making takes time and dedication to grow, just the time and dedication you spent making it.)
I will get more back to the promotion thing later on in one of my other upcoming  How to make and create you Manga!

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