Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to make and create your Manga #4 -Develop the Story-

How to get into story development, where to start the idea!

At some point where ever you are stuck, you just have to start somewhere putting something together. A good idea might just become a bad idea and the other way around.

When it comes to school mostly all of us have gone to them and at some point, we also learned how to write and spell things. By that, we were also forced to be imaginative to come up with short stories to write or short novels. So we all know at some point we can all come up with a story but it might not be just the way you want it to be, you want it to be something similar to something your already a fan of but you don't want to copy it either, maybe you just want to use that theme and make your own thing out of it, it's not like you can invent the wheel of storytelling again. There is always string for people to pull to see similarities from other stories books and movies. If there is a person reading your story for the first he will be quite impressed how creative you have been in your own way, and if this person later comes across a story with the similar theme it will not be like he thought you copied anything. What I'm saying is learn from others and the best, but do it your way, don't copy people's work, try to find the way they think when they created their stories.

To point out, some of us is just more creative than others, but it doesn't mean that you can't be either. you jus have to keep your mind busy and play around with ideas on your spare time. Feeling lost in writing and you haven't totally got that "aha" feeling yet, doesn't mean it won't work, put some more effort into the story, either you put the story aside and start over again just like a bad artwork you just started drawing, if your not satisfied you start over again. At some point maybe you can take part from the fist script and implement it with the new one. It does not have to be a Hollywood at first glimpse, scripts it can just be simple like;  "A brief afternoon a guy walks down the stairs outside a building, when he gets out on the street the guy he was looking for  is standing there, holds a weird object in his hand, suddenly he is gone out of nowhere for moment and show up on the other side of the street."
Well, that was just some random stuff even it good or bad I doest matter what matters. Or if you just got an idea on your own from that idea use it! That it's an idea and one idea can lead to another, it may lead to so many ideas that you end up with changing out.
Questions are that you can ask yourself while writing, because you need to develop the character as well as the story progresses: Whom was this guy or the guy from the staircase it could be anyone from Batman to an old guy just going to get his mail, what about the thing he was holding was it a machine or was it an alien thing? What made him move like this, magic? Why did he avoid the other guy, who's the main character here or is this just an event to trigger of the main story! A simple plot, you pull the rest of the strings and put it all together like a puzzle, it can take from one week to a year to make a story good, even longer from my experience!

Inputs, read comics, manga, movies, play games, read books do roleplaying games, whatever your experience are you can create a story. It can also be based on real life events or your own experiences as well or create the story with a good friend like I did for Warrior Legend that was a lot of fun. There are so many ways to go, don't just think too much how just start and you'll get on the right path.
Even though I made the story for a manga, it could just be a game or a movie or the manga, the story works either the way, it's just the way you script it afterward when finishing it that shows what kind script it is for, but a story is a story either the way, and it can only be changed by its authors!

If you have any question just feel free to ask me anything!

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