Sunday, April 21, 2019

More FREE Manga Books - Warrior Legend Chapter IV

Hi, Warriors!

I'm excited to see you here again, and today is a big Freebie day for you! Here we go!

This is the first time I'm officially giving away for FREE. WL IV had its release recently in December 2018, so it's quite fresh, enjoy:
Warrior Legend Chapter IV for FREE

Make sure your ad it into your WL collection on your Kindle device or App. This works just like the previous freebies we had the last couple of weeks, you got 5 days, that is your chance to get it and you'll have access to it for a lifetime!

About WL 4:
WL IV takes place right after the events of WL III and puts a shell on what recently happened until hell breaks loose again, quite intriguing. The manga har been retouched with a more authentic manga fashion. hope you like this and that the storyline starts to add up for you.
Warrior Legend Chapter IV for FREE

Next up is WL 2.
I'm sorry this one came so off, I wanted to release the books for FREE in order, but in terms of Amazon giveaway scheduler that wasn't possible. Either the way stay tuned for that as well, that will be the next one before we reveal the final one for you.

What after, more WL?
The final book might be somewhat less exciting for you or maybe not? I'm giving away the book on how to self publish and create your manga in just 10 steps. You might have seen it in the listing or read the review about it already. Sharing my own experiences over the years on how I created my books, you can read my review here.

Two more to go!
-Rising T.E.

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