Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Manga FREE Book Giveaway WL III & I

Good day Warriors,

I hope you here today because I got an offer for you! From today you got 5 days to download these books for FREE!

I really hope you managed to get the Character Profiles to book for FREE a well if you did miss it please send me a message on Facebook and I'll personally send you a copy. If you have any question about Warrior Legend I'll be happy to answer them for you!

This time we got the following for FREE:

FREE -Warrior Legend III 

FREE - Warrior Legend I

Warrior Legend III is probably the most epic in the series so far but WL I also has its charm being the first and build up some great suspension till the end, as you learn more about who the characters are + some awesome fighting scenes with werebears!

We have even more coming up for you next week, again :

-WL IV (this is the latest released chapter in the series with a more modern look)
-WL II  (here you'll learn more about the surroundings of why thing are like they are)
-Final Book (You can find it in my book listing (I'll tell you next time!)

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Read manga, Stick around, Warrior Legend loves you!
-Rising T.E.

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