Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The final Freebie manga book - Warrior Legend Chp II

Hello again Warriors,

We are getting there
Yes, it's been quite a bit of giveaway, a lot of great downloads I can see. Thanks for your interests in my manga. I really hope you had the time to download them all and also able to read through within time!

I'll save you the talk for some other time, you are just here to get them 
Warrior Legend II for FREE and I want you to have it, you have earned the missing piece of the puzzle.

What happens next?

There are no more Warrior Legend giveaways after this, but be sure that there will be a giveaway on my book on: 10 Simple Steps to Manga and Comics - From Idea and Creation to Self PublicityIf you perhaps are a soul like myself or someone who might be interested to create your own publication this is the book for you, or perhaps there is someone you know who will benefit from it. I'm happy if you find it useful somehow. 

Be sure to grab you WL 2 copy now!
Warrior Legend II for FREE
Again, thanks for all attention, happy reading on Warrior Legend, later!
-Rising T.E.

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