Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hi, it's busy days, its x-mas. I'm super busy at work, and I'm working so hard on the manga these days so you can finally read and enjoy it by the end of December! This project plus my fulltime job is been keeping me busy for like a average of 12 hours a day lately, hope your as exited as me?

A little important news for you regular visitors: is the new address for this blog, you can still use the old one, but the new one is easier to type and remember. WL it's mostly what this site is about these days, so I finally got it fixed.

Another small update for the site is that you don't need a Google account to comment anything on my page, and I also added a reaction button tab on the bottom of each post that you can click without any hustle, hope you can take you time to like it?


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