Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The manga first look! 漫画初公開!

Today's post is absolutely dedicated to all of you for following me and to the newcomers, I have taken some pictures of the manga I'm working on and we all want to see. What I'll show today is just the second draft artworks, and one comparison shot on the final drawing before it goes the computer.
Sorry for the quality I just took this with a camera this time since I don't have time to scan it in right now.

Since manga is actually Japanese, I want to share this with them as well, so I made a button on the top that its for the Japanese audience.
Warrior Legend manga series, for Japanese readers!
ウォーリアーレジェンド 漫画シリーズ 日本の読者の皆さんへ!


 "Manga, new on top, draft in bottom!"


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