Sunday, August 5, 2018

Your BONUS goes away in 3 days!

Yes, you read correctly, the offer for a getting a free manga goes away on Wednesday 8/8-18, this is your last chance!

Summer is still hot and not over. These great motivation manga styles t-shirts are an every manga enthusiast must have.
If you order one of these tees within Wednesday, you will receive a copy of my manga on your email worth of $3.49. This is a great chance to get into a new story and world of manga as well as getting a unique tee in your wardrobe!

When you order a product or a t-shirt from my WL designs. Forward me the order receipt. Then I'll be able to send you a PDF with the Manga for FREE, as a big thanks to you for the support.
Order now so you don't miss out on this great
Note: If so you happen to be one of the guys that already got WL Chapter I let me know in the e-mail and I'll provide the WL Character Profiles book for you instead!


Looking forward to your order email confirmation, just forward the receipt and you will within few days receive the Manga PDF. 

-For US customer follow this link:

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