Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Manga T-shirts for the US audience

Hi Warriors!
Now Americans can order my Warrior legend Manga t-shirts as well plus get my free manga bonus!

 If you wonder where you can get your manga t-shirt from if you live in the US?
Then I have now created products for you through Amazon Merch. The Spreadshirt in Europe also have a Spreadshirt in the US, but I had a user for Amazon Merch earlier that I decided to use for this audience instead.

I'm looking forward to seeing more orders coming in soon!
As for the Spreadshirt + Bonus, this also includes orders from Amazon Merch, just read more in the link below on how you get your bonus free manga sent to your email.

Read here for the Bonus:

Click here for the t-shirts:
Show me your skills - Warrior Legend
Great things inspire - Warrior Legend

Hope you are soon ready for more good stuff?
-Rising T.E.

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