Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Getting started on chapter 2 soon!

Hi, I needed to have a little time off from the project, this week is also little slower, as you might have noticed I haven't updated much.
Now I have updated the blog layout again, and added some shortcuts and other minor things for easier maneuver. Under the top menu you can directly access the Manga. Now Chapter 1 of Warrior Legend all on one page! The WL Art Gallery has also been updated. which you find on the top menu.

General INFO to readers/ followers:
-Warrior Legend posting days will continue as before, but moving it one day to
 Thursdays from now on.
-I can not promise to push out some stuff every week, but like before I'll try my best!!
-There is no need for log-in to post comments on this blog, so feel free^^
-I'm just getting started soon on the Chapter 2 of WL manga, so be patient.


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