Friday, December 26, 2014

Warrior Legend Chapter 1 -Prologue- (Part1)

 (This manga must be Read Backwards, just like the Japanese types)


The Augoer, the adventurer, with his characteristic hat. Zakaria has been traveling around the world for over a decade under The Chief secrets command. About 24 years ago Zakaria and his fellow helpers Augo solider Salk and Kett are traveling to get more info about whats going on in the mysterious Phantom Woods!
On that rainy day they arrive, a few barbarians shows up surprisingly in the woods, there is no other chance then to fight them!

Copyright Ⓒ Warrior Legend and all it works are a trademark of Rising Design Works . 2014, 2018 All rights reserved.


  1. congratulations on your first manga publication :)

  2. Dette der jo så lovende ut! Gleder meg til å se mer. Liker måten du tegner karakterene, spes når de snakker! Fortsett med dette her :) det kommer til å bli bra! Gratulerer med vol. 1