Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Enoch and Ozias color Augo solider style

Last time I introduced the character Enoch, for this time I did this color version of Enoch as well as Ozias, and to make it little more fancy I added the background and logo and so to make it look good. I actually wanted to spend more time on this, but time is consuming and this is not too important work to do right at the moment making promo material, but as mention earlier it's most for the practice part as well as it comes out as a product to the project. Hope you like it!


 "Enoch and Ozias poster"

"Enoch and Ozias Augo soliders in Warrior Legend"

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  1. Thomas Rising og Simon Machete på nye eventyr. Du er litt höyere enn meg dog så du må tegne det riktig! :D