Thursday, August 21, 2014

Augo's leader, The Chief

Revealing yet another character for Warrior Legend, The Chief.

His real name is not so important, but his role is as the ruler of Augo is. The Chief have been leading Augo for generations just like his father before him. The Chief is actually a good leader and it's not just something he wants his people to believe. But like all leaders, he has his moments!

As for the drawing itself, it was made in quite early state of the project, meaning it's close to two years old! I'm quite comfortable with the design I did with him until today, usually thing goes through a lot of changes.

For a little heads up in the upcoming weeks, I'll be putting out some more stuff around The Chief, as well as info and art for other characters, so please come by to check it out Wednesdays, its Warrior days!

"The Chief Concept art"

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