Thursday, December 20, 2018

Warrior Legend Chapter IV -Salvation- is Officially out Today 20th December!

Warriors, today, 20th of December 2018 is a great day for me!
I have an announcement..

..Warrior Legend Chapter IV -Salvation- is releasing today!


                                                                [Official cover art for WL IV]

Thanks for the support and downloading Warrior Legend Manga

To you guys who read, follow or like the Warrior Legend Universe, I appreciate that to the biggest, and let me hear from you if you do!

The plot in Chapter IV is all about the events after directly after Chapter III.
After the war and the scary and horrible events in the last chapter, Ozias finds himself to confronted about the events that occurred. And why he didn't wasn't killed.. was he suppose to?

This situation brings him to prison with another Outsider as himself! By the time he gets to know this guy, there is more trouble coming to Augo! As well I would like to share today with the release to you Warriors is a little behind the scenes 

of WL IV.

(If you are new to the series you'll not be missing out if you start reading Chapter IV, you can always backtrack and have a unique experience of the story)

The origins of chapter IV started in 2016
Originally the Chapter 4 came out back in late 2016, that's right, actually 2 years ago to this date! So you might wonder then what happened, why is it releasing now, or again?
Well if you have been following years back me you might also have come across it, but the standard for the manga wasn't pretty good and I was a bit overworked at the time, and honestly not 100% satisfied. Being a Manga-ka (Manga creator/artist) takes a lot more then meets the eye even for me at times, even though I've been doing this for over 4 years now!

It has taken me about 6 months to complete this task! 

Back when I started I was doing WL 1-4 over a period of 2 years from 2014-2016. Chapter 1-3 came out great, but I wanted to cut down time on the 4th instalment.. and regret after, that I didn't put in all the work that I should.  

As some of you already know all chapters were available for free back then!
Somewhat later I took it all away, I wanted to be sure to enhance all chapter with better quality for the reader and start adding them on Amazon for sale and more exposure, as well hoping I can make a living from creating one day!

WL Chapter IV got retouched with newly improved outlines, art cleanups, new dialogues, fixed grammar errors, and not to mention a whole new shading for a more native manga toned feel.

I spent about 4 months making it the first time September 2016 - January 2017. Now finalized from October 2018- December 2018, it took a total of 6 months. I haven't worked with it every single day, because this is not my major job, but I had to spend some long weekends up to 13 hours a day completing and making things happen.

Enough about me. Be sure to get the Kindle app to your Phone, you can also get Kindle for your computer too and it's free to download.

If you happen to be a Kindle reader, you might have subscribed up for Kindle Unlimited. With Unlimited you can download and read my manga for FREE!

I want you to experience and enjoy Warrior Legend Chapter IV today, it doesn't matter if you haven't read chapter 1-3 yet, you'll still be able to go back and read the older chapters without spoiling or missing out. Thanks for your time and reading through here.
Want to share some panels from the new right compare with the old ones on the left side this is 2016 vers VS. 2018 vers:

Again don't forget to get your Warrior Legend IV today and start experiencing a story and enter the dramatic events of Warrior Legend Universe.
2016                                         VS                                        2018

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May the holidays treat you well.
-Rising T.E.

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