Monday, July 16, 2018

What's releasing now on 18/07/18?

Hi Warriors!

There has been a lot of back and forth but the wait is soon over.

I'm pretty sure we are reaching the goals in time for a release as soon as Wednesday 18 July!
Prepare to get dressed up with great unique Warrior Legend designs this summer. Two designs will be available on release and then there will be more designs showing up as it goes on. So sign up to follow me here for the Wednesday update with actual pictures for the t-shirts with links to the site.

I'll be releasing these on a website called that are able to ship stuff all around the world, they are originally based in Germany. You should be able to get awesome at the same time you support my project and I thank you for that.

The idea behind the design.
The great things I wanted to do about the designs were to make them a little more casual than a usual anime/ manga style t-shirt. By throwing in some motivation and quotes to make your day stronger. Be sure to leave a comment about your thought around this, I'll be happy to hear :)

Want to be the first to get your Warrior Legend t-shits ordered this Wednesday! Sign up on the top right on the side menu with your email and be the first to know about the release this Wednesday.

Dress up, it's WL time!
-Rising T.E.

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