Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Upcoming T-shirt project!

Hi Warrior, how are you doing!
It' has been a little slow here on the website updates since all the releases and happenings. Hope you are enjoying the content that is available already from Warrior Legend?

So today I want to announce that I haven't been taking it too easy recently, but been working on developing a few t-shirts that I have planned to officially release as soon as July!

Hope this can be interesting for you as it is for me, the designs are based on the manga but will have a slight twist to them to make them a little more fashionable than just the regular manga /anime fan t-shirt. Hope you're looking forward to seeing the result!

I'll keep you Warriors posted as soon as I have a release date for my new collection, and share more info regarding this as we close in.

Idea, Action, Work, Result!!

Here is an illustration for you!

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