Thursday, May 10, 2018

Warrior Legend at Retrospillmessen 2018

Hi Warriors!
A lot is on the agenda this weekend, I'm going to a convention with my regular job and also my hobby, so many goals to be reached, even though this is post #150 on this site, hurray!

So let's get to it. It's been a busy week so far! Working a lot at my regular job Neo Tokyo, as well as on this project for the last couple of months getting everything ready and in time for Retrospillmessen(Retro-game-convention), this weekend from 12-13 May! I will have my first physical stand of the Warrior Legend Manga. My manga will be for sale for the very first time in a physical format! There will be a limited sale for a combination of Chapter I and Character Profiles book as one exclusive book for the convention this weekend in Sandefjord Norway. If you by any change are there, please come by and si hi! :)

Warrior Legend Chapter III is also set to release tomorrow 11.05.18 on your local Amazon/ Kindle so check back soon!

See you there!

                                   Here is the cover for the Con-exclusive manga!

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