Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Preview of WL: Character Profiles

Hi, Warriors.
Now having launched Warrior Legend Chapter 1 and 2, as well as the exclusive book Character Profiles for Warrior Legend manga series, in this book gives you a great insight over the Characters and the World of WL!

From Amazon:
Welcome to the Warrior Legend Universe!

As a guide or if you want to find yourself deeper into the world of Warrior Legend or just a curious manga reader willing to get your mind into a new universe, then this is the place to start! In this short but rich book, you’ll get a great insight of what the characters from Warrior Legend series are about and also learn more about the world and the origins of this fictional universe.
With this book, you'll learn more about the surrounding of the manga story!
I'm sure you will learn to enjoy the characters and the story of Warrior Legend Manga series after this.
*This book is covering for Chapter 1-3 of the manga.

Knowledge gives you the upper hand!

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