Monday, March 19, 2018

Warrior Legend Manga Diary #3

Hi Warriors, it's time for my diary again, you might have come across it some time way back like October 2016!
Anyways, I write these type of posts to keep a little track on my own work and where I'm going next as well as share all my work with you on the way.
As I had planned earlier, was to release chapter 5 in last year sometime just after Chapter 4 meaning in early 2017. Chapter 5 should have just come after summer by calculations, but eventually, I happened to be stuck with other matters also thinking I had to do some more with all the hours I spent working with making the first chapters before I could continue to just make manga people dont necessarily read!

To be honest, I haven't received the exposure I wanted or get the feedbacks I been looking for so far, I decide to get more into advertising business, because now my hobby has basically become a second job for the last 4 years. I'm hoping to get more promotion from what I already made, I'm trying to be more active on my social channels to become more visable. One thing I tried, was to be visible through Kickstarter, (last autumn) but what happened is that I didn't get the attention I needed there either, but that's Ok. I know it's hard and the market is full of manga and other comics, maybe some have better quality or budgets than mine, but that's is not stopping me from what I'm doing in my project because I know what I made is great and I believe in my manga, so I'll keep fighting!

To say it was a lot of work making the book for Kickstarter, I'm sorry it didn't happen (maybe some other time), I had a few backers and I'm grateful for it, but it was quite of from the number I really needed to make it happen. Because of the Kickstarter I did do a lot of new character artworks which you can find on this site and my Instagram as well, thay will come in good hand for the e-books I'm publishing. Right now I'm about to release the best version of Warrior Legend Chapter I on / UK and all other Amazones and also a more detailed Character profile book!

I hope you get the chance to grab an issue for your Kindle or smartphone! Lately I spent several hours a day working, and I really hopes it pays off! Chapter II and III will come little later on, just need to convert files, prosses them and finish up the frontpages in between. More Info regaringthat will come, so jst follow the this website with your Google account.
As mentioned, "Warrior Legend: Character Profiles" will come out on the same date as WL I, hope you will be exited about that one as well.(Read more about that here)
Again since you read all the way through hope you like my work and the manga, with your support my manga will grow. Follow me either on Facebook or Instagram, you find links on the right side menu. Let me know if there is any you like to know, just send me a PM:)


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