Saturday, October 15, 2016

Manga Diary #2

I felt it was time to write a small dairy again about my work. so here we go!

2 years have gone since I actually started with pen and paper drawing the first lines of the actual manga, after a few months hard work Chapter 1 came out December 2014, but in order to make it I had to really work hard, it became too much for me I remember I was feeling nausea of all the work, and not only was it X-mas season at my job at the time too, but I wasn't going to give up that easily the release was 2014!

Now I'm currently working on Chapter IV, the release for Part 1 is set for 28.10.16, so don't miss that!
Since I'm giving the manga a little simpler detail like I have mentioned before I hope you still look forward to it, and I'll also be sticking to the original Right to Left reading as well the art style will stay as true to the original as possible. To jump back a little in time I took some time off from the drawing in March after the release of Chapter III (which I, by the way, was so looking so forward to make at the time, I really like this Warrior character on the final part, but he was a challenge as well to draw.) Later on, in May-July, I was doing the Re:WL series but that was work that I did in a steady tempo without any stress or pressure from myself it was kinda a break for me from the drawing itself and also a break to get a fresh start before started working on Chapter IV in September.

Making 100's of artworks in 2 years earlier sure took a lot of time plus the work put into all the planning as well as sketching and adding the final work to the computer, after that the fixing and texting part. I'm glad to see that my art style also made some progress through the series, that being said it also improves my speed for drawing the manga, now all is more into a routine which makes things a little more comfortable to work with, but I always had fun from the beginning, thanks for reading through :)

For a little heads up:
Chapter IV consists of 3 parts, they will all release this year I can say for sure. Chapter V is little far off now but will see release 1Q of 2017!


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