Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chapter IV progress, and Manga going Comic style!!

Hi again readers, it's good to be more back then I have the last half year now. Like I talked about before I really needed a break from all the work and it took some time to get back to myself. Anyways you here for the manga not me so info!
Chapter IV is at early stages yet, still making the script into drafts and sketches and some art has been finalised, I'm still not sure when I want to set the release date for this, I think by the next time I talk about Chapter IV I will have the release day ready for you.

As you may know, WL has been made like the Japanese style called Manga, for example, big eyes, spiky hair and reading backward is almost a must. But for us western people it's a little hard for your brain to adapt reading like that every time, so since my "Manga" or Comic if you would like to call it is made to be read backwards some might find it confusing, which is kind of sad, but it was a small feeling I had to start with. If I want people to read this manga I think I'll have to make it "normal" in terms of reading from left to right.

Here is also a little taste of what the manga will look like in the chapters to come, the art style is slightly changed, less shadowing and less uber detail work, plus backgrounds are toned down!
Here is a sketch showed next to a final result.

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