Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Info regarding project re:

Hi, reader, welcome back!

Well, as you have noticed the "re:" marking is some places to be found lately. with "re:" I mean re:birth, re:make, re:touch, re:do, you can play around with it!
I don't want to confuse you too much, I'm going to release the version re:WL chapter 1, it's pretty much the same as you read before, but I have gone over every drawing digitally and brushed it all up, plus that I came to noticing having some spelling errors here and there. It is something totally worth checking out. re:WL chapter I is out on 7. July.

Again the re:release for all Chapters I-III will show up there this month, so there will be some action again. Hope you will find it as fun as me to go through the story again before I get started with Chapter IV for you.

If you wonder there will also be info on Chapter IV later this month as well. So stay tuned! If any don't hesitate to ask me any ^^


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