Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chapter IV information

 From right: The artwork is shown in the style that will be used in upcoming Warrior Legend manga chapters, 
the picture on left just shows in comparison how it looked like in chapter 1-3. (Click to enlarge)

Working with Warrior Legend I-III has been a long and tough journey for me, starting drawing back in autumn 2014 several hundreds of hours has gone into this project. Hope for the time being that you have re:joyed the re:WL series, that has been re:mastered this summer for you, but the WL story is far from finished and it's time to move on to the next Chapter.

Chapter IV (4) is the next stage in the story, the art style you now know from WL I-III will change into a more sketched style whether you will hate it or dig it, the reason I have to make this change is in order to not kill myself from working too much, since this is just a hobby of mine next to all other thing and a full-time job.

About the art style: It will still contain the same type of charm, except the shadowing and all the extra detailed work will go away but not totally. What will also differ the style will be the outline, it will have a thicker feel and little more rough edge to it! Hope you will like it.

A release date for Chapter IV is too early to set at the very moment, but I will assure it comes out this year.
Thank you for the support and stay tuned!


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