Thursday, January 7, 2016

Plans for 2016

Happy New Year btw!

New year, new possibilities. For me it's another year with more work, but I enjoy it as long as I don't overkill my self which I happens to do sometimes!
It's been a year since Warrior Legend first was released on December 2014. I hope you all have been enjoying the Manga so far, as the project goes on I'm still in the process of making Part 3 of Chapter 3. Here I have faced some challenges, like how to express what I want, it's difficult to go in to detail about what I mean right now without spoiling the story, so I can write about in Developer dairy #2 some time.
As Part 3 will complete Chapter 3 it will have the first whole part of the Warrior Legend story, since there are more chapter to come later on this year.
To begin with, this year I'm gonna use my time to promote what I made so far over the last few year throughout other channels, both online and also attending to a convention or so. If you as a reader can help me out, telling your friends or just share a link so something somewhere, I will highly appreciate that! If you do, let me know:)

The plan for the 1Q of 2016 is to make Chapter 1-3 into a book. I will have more information regarding that after this chapter is complete, but I'm exited hope you are as well, and again thanks for stopping by!


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