Thursday, October 22, 2015

Time for a update, Vista soldier and more!

Well this far, it haven't been much updating, like I mention last, all the manga production is very time consuming.
First to all I want to thanks you for the blog to reach 5000 views, that is great! click in on Thursdays that's usually when I update here, if I have the time to do so of course. my goal is at least twice a month so ill try to stick with that. ^^

For WL and the Chapter III part, there is still a lot of work in progress. Part 1 is actually finished, but I'm not going to release it before more other work is done, so that it can be all be released in short time together. I also mentioned earlier that I would have a release date for Chapter III in October, well, what I try to manage is to launch in November, but I don't think it will be before the 3rd week that month, so in about a month from today!

During the progress concept has to be made as well, there is always cool to see some works for upcoming stuff, personally I like that! Here is the concept art for Vista soldier uniform.


"Vista soldier uniform with weaponry" 

"3D design of Vista soldier outfit" 

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