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Mangapolis: Interviewing Rising about Warrior Legend

This interview is to be found on in Norwegian,
this is a English translation edited for the blog.

Warrior Legend, Norway's answer to a manga commitment, or just a hobby with qualities?

The background for this project is simply a interest in cartoons, drawing and storytelling and so on. They are working on a comic based on the Japanese style, manga! but with it's own twist!
The guys behind the project call themselves Rising and Red Lion, the project has already been ongoing for few years. 
Warrior Legend takes much time, but the script is finished and character gallery is set, it is the production that remains. Where this will take the road will only time show. Rising and Red Lion have choose to make WL in English and not in there native language to keep the way of how the story originally was build up.
Rising which is primarily responsible for the project now have a blog where he regularly update the project. It proposes, among other character sketches, drawings and other items related to Warrior Legend.

So first question, what is this story really about?

Rising: This is a fantasy story that takes place in a fictional world very similar to our own. But here one must also think of the Middle Ages, with a different touch. The story is mainly focused on the protagonist Ozias. Ozias growing up in a prosperous city, Augo. While being cut off the outer world and that  Ozias is not originally from this town he want to see more. One day the big changes happening, the world are exposed to disaster, Augo is exposed to an war, then
this leads to that Ozias end up in a situation that has something with an enemy in the series! Ozias have special abilities that he discovered as young that will help him along the way.

Why is it called Warrior Legend?

Rising: Well there are different meanings, but you will easily understand that when you get a few chapters into the story. Some of the clues are already in the logo, but are difficult to tell if you have not read the story! But someone is a Warrior!

What is the goal of the project?

Rising: The goal is to get this published by making a manga that we will start to give out free to catch people's interest. What lays ahead is hard to say, except that we're going to work on this, it just did not feel anymore as a hobby, but a big commitment. We believe we have made such a good and solid story that others actually should read and enjoy too!

When do you consider to be completely done, when can we see results?

Rising: Hard to say, what and depends entirely on the time and the results we make, but WL is divided into 14 chapters. The goal in the year 2014 is to be done with chapter 1. During 2015 more will be done, but such production takes time. Check out the blog, here I will keep up to date with the whole thing.

How does the blog function as a channel for the project?

Rising:It's mainly a page for me to promote what I do, but the main focus of this project it's what I do at the time. I will throw up something else then WL from time to time.

Time, I understand, Its only you and Red Lion working on this right, how does that work on such a big deal?

Rising: Well it has gone very well so far, Red Lion is my childhood friend and we have always shared these interests together by creating something like this, so cooperation is not a problem. Yes the project has taken much time, and that's what made it so good.

Are you doing this full time?

Rising: No, but if I could I would, we both have a lot next to do in our lives with full time jobs and so. Red Lion going to act as assistant and adviser for a while. I stand for the production of the manga until further notice and mainly all drawing. But yeah working full time would been the dream.

Is it true that there is more behind the Warrior Legend than these 14 chapters, you mentioned something about that this was a pre-story somehow !?

Rising: Yes it kinda is. Warrior Legend takes time 800 years before anything else! I do not want people to think of Warrior Legend as a precursor to this something else, it's just something that happened earlier.

Anything you want to say to those who read this interview and maybe caught their interest in WL?

Rising: Well, first I want to thank you for having read all this, you can keeps track of what's ahead on this blog, get a Google account or your Gmail to like the blog and comment. Please look forward to the release of the manga as much as I do!

-Interview by Mangapolis.

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