Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WL logo finalizing

Hi, I'm back again, got a little sick back there last week so I wasn't able to pull of too much work! Now I have the logo concept for WL ready and I'll also like to add in some drafts and ideas done earlier for the logo that was made over a year ago at least, around the time we almost started writing the script for real.
To say a few words about the design of the logo, since the story take place back in the time I wanted to give the logo more a old brushy look. Another reference is that there is a guy in WL that makes a lot of notes and drawings throughout the journey from what he experiences. That is something I feel reflects a lot in the logo! Any question, just comment below.
(Feel free to use the logo as a screensaver if you like)


 Logo for the Warrior Legend

Early draft and sketches for the logo

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